It All Started...


innocently enough with a question: “Hey Jeff, have you ever bought a guitar on eBay?” “Sure I have”, I told Ted, “and I’m thinking about selling one of mine online.”


Ted, always thinking of a way to start a new business, replied, “there’s a guitar show in Arlington next month. Why don’t we buy a couple of guitars on eBay and see if we can sell them at the show and make a few bucks.”


So we bought a couple of guitars on eBay and took them with us to the show. We bought our tickets and went into the main hall. Looking around in stunned silence, Ted turned to me and said, “I want one of each!” There was an endless variety of instruments, electric and acoustic, vintage and new, amplifiers, parts, books, tools... We were hooked.


We went back out to the car and got our guitars and lugged them around the show, trying to sell them to the dealers. But we quickly discovered that we had paid close to retail for the guitars, and, of course, the dealers wanted to pay us much less than we expected to get. We discovered a key principle: buy high, sell low doesn’t work! Not to be defeated, we finally sold everything we brought and made a little money by the end of the day.


On the way home we discussed our experience and realized that most of the dealers we met were guys just like us. They started buying a few guitars here and there, and caught the disease called G.A.S. -- Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Soon they had more gear than they had room for and started selling a few pieces. 


Of course, when you’re buying music gear, sooner or later come across a “keeper.” Since finding a keeper impacts your profit, you must buy more gear to sell to cover the cost of keeping the keepers. And so it goes, and eventually you have so many keepers that you begin to realize that new keepers will always come along, so you start to sell a few to get cash to feed your habit. 


That’s how we got started, back in 2002, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve been burned by really good Chinese-made clones of Gibson and Fender guitars, bought guitars from sellers on eBay who were, let’s just say, economic with the truth, found some rare and beautiful guitars, and managed to have a lot of fun along the way too.

Unfortunately, with the stuff being called music today, painfully little of it is actually music. Everything is auto tuned, or digital or sampled...very few artists actually make real music anymore. As a result, the guitar industry is suffering. Gibson & Fender, the two biggest names in Electric guitars are millions, if not billions in debt, and people just aren't buying guitars much any more. Which unfortunately brings me to:

A Sad Day...

It is with a heavy heart and great sorrow, that as of November 1st 2017, we have closed our guitar store in Richardson. While we still do an occasional repair, and sell guitars at our two Antique Booths in McKinney, our primary focus now is on Classic Vinyl and Vintage Music-Related items.


As always, we are still happy to serve you.

Thank you, the Staff at Dallas Alice Music. "Keeping Music Alive"